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Puerto Vallarta Zoo

The Puerto Vallarta Zoo is different than your average Zoo in the United States or Canada. In this zoo, you have the opportunity to touch and interact with many of the zoo's animals.

Can you imagine petting a hippo and feeding a giraffe?

You can play with baby tigers and/or lions and/or jaguars depending on which animals have recently been born. This zoo is also a huge breeder of large cats for zoos all over the globe, so there are always births taking place and baby animals available to hold and interact with. The possibilities are endless and everybody has a great time here.

puerto-vallarta-zooAt this zoo you can buy bags of food (carrots, breadsticks, seeds, etc.) to feed the animals. It is highly recommended that you purchase food bags so you can feed the animals along the way. It is very entertaining. Mammals at the zoo include a hippo, tigers, lions, jaguar, leopards, cougars, ocelot, grey fox, jackal, white-tailed deer, collared pecari, yaguarundi, margay, hog-nosed skunk, pigs, river otter, hooded skunk, long-tailed weasel, spotted skunk, ringtail, coati, racoon, a wide variety of different bats, armadillo, cottontail rabbits, opossum, pocket gophers, rats and squirrels. Reptiles include crocodiles, tortoise, black iguana, green iguana, turtles, boa constrictor, rainbow boa, ratsnakes, Mexican snakes, ball python, as well as a large variety of other snakes. Birds include a wide variety of ducks, humming birds, heron, egret, pigeon, doves, roadrunner, cuckoo, plover, gulls, hawks, falcon, ostrich, finch, warbler, and a whole host of other colorful birds.

Mismaloya zoo-busOne of the easiest ways to get to the zoo is by taking the bus. Take an orange & white bus that says “Mismaloya” and departs from downtown Puerto Vallarta at the intersection of Basilio Badillo and Constitution (by the OXXO convenience store). If you are staying in La Cruz, you simply take a bus from La Cruz to Puerto Vallarta first. The bus will stop on the highway in front of the Hotel Barcelo. This is the zoo's drop off location as well. You will now need to cross the highway and follow the road closest to the river for 800 meters. Be sure to bring comfortable shoes because there is lots of walking required.

If you have a car, you can take the highway leading to Barra de Navidad. When you reach the Hotel Barcelo, turn left and follow the road 800 meters. There are signs as well pointing you to the Puerto Vallarta Zoo.

The zoo is built in a jungle area to give it more of a wildlife feeling and to keep the animals as close to nature as possible. Do not be too shocked to see that the animals living spaces are smaller than what we are used to back in the States and Canada. The Zoologico de Vallarta is home to more than 700 different reptile, bird and mammal species.

Enjoy yourself at this and take lots of photos and videos. Make sure to wear good walking shoes! Also, make sure to wash up after petting all the animals. Have a fantastic day!

Their website: www.zoologicodevallarta.com