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Our Lady of Guadalupe - Parish Church

If you take a vacation to the popular tourist destination of Puerto VallartaMexico, you will be fascinated by the impressive architecture, striking landscapes and alluring culture that exude from every part of this beautiful city. This gorgeous city is situated on the coast between Banderas Bay and the grand Sierra Madre Mountain Range, and has many excellent tourist locations to enjoy. The iconic Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe) is one of the most popular and most loved tourist locations in all of Puerto Vallarta. It is visited by many admirers every day.

Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe

church-Puerto Vallarta- GuadalupeThe church which soars high above the other buildings and dominates the skyline. It is the sight to visit. Every year, thousands of tourists will stop at the church to take a photo of

this iconic landmark. Our Lady of Guadalupe is without a doubt, the city's icon and it certainly dominates downtown Puerto Vallarta. There is no way you can visit the city and not see it and have a few photos in different angles. Visitors will pack the steps of the church, even if there is a service in progress to take in the heart-warming aura that permeates the air and to admire its magnificent architecture.

In 1903, work began on the construction of the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, when Puerto Vallarta was just an insignificant town on the map. Since then, it has grown in size and grandeur, and by 1917, the church included its existing foundation with the main pillars and walls in place. Over the following years, the church was developed even further with the main bell being added and more space made around the working chapel. Each phase of work added a new concept in style and architecture and has culminated into the diverse structure that is now admired by so many people.

Caused by the conflict between the Church and the state, there were major delays in construction of the dome in 1926. This conflict was known as the Cristero War and ended in 1929. The main tower was completed in 1952 and the looks the same today. The parish was finally crowned in 1965 so many people believe that the church was not actually complete until then.

This was done by the artistic talents of Jose Esteban Ramirez Guareño who put the finishing touch to the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe with the addition of eye-catching crown that can be seen from many miles away. The design was by Priest Rafael Parra Castillo.

In the more recent years, many revisions have been made to the church. This amazing structure which is admired by so many even had its original crown replaced in 1995 because it was destroyed by an earthquake that struck in the neighbor state of Colima. Carlos Terres sculpted this replica that now sits on top of the Church which thousands of photographers still visit seeking to snap that world-class shot of the beautiful sight.