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Los Muertos Pier


Almost every person that comes to Vallarta will make their way to the Los Muertos Pier at some point on their vacation. The new pier that was completed in December and then on January 4th, 2013 there was an inauguration and celebration, the city had music, fireworks and all kinds of fun. Today the pier has become quite the tourist attraction. They have even installed LED lighting that changes colors throughout the night and it really is a beautiful sight to see that can be seen from miles away on the beach.

The pier was designed by the award winning architect  - José de Jesús Torres Vega. His awards include "The Mexican Biannual Architecture Prize". The pier is an artistic centerpiece of the Downtown Puerto Vallarta renewal program that includes several important projects in and around the city. All of these projects are designed to add flare to the main existing attractions for both national and international visitors.

The new pier has become an important attraction for the local businesses because not only does the pier attract a lot of people that spend money at those businesses, but they themselves are proud of where they work and have a place to enjoy. Visitors and locals alike really love to take a stroll out to the end and sit on the pier, watch everything and realize how truly beautiful it is. It is a great place to clear your head and that is where many of the business people in the area take their breaks. Although all of the businesses in the area had to put up with years of construction and torn up streets, now they have beautiful streets that have been redone which are filled with tourists and locals with money to spend. They are now really loving the new pier.

There have been two previous incarnations of the pier, the first one was a wooden with iron under footing where luxurious floating hotel ships such as the Princess Patricia, Italia and Fairsea would anchor. These hotel ships were full of tourists much to the amazement of the locals.

In 1963 the pier was used to help load construction material, film crew, equipment and the actors to and from Mismaloya while John Huston filmed the movie "The Night of The Iguana” there. This pier was built before the movie, not for it. Some literature shows that it was built for it, but that is not correct. Of course this is the movie that changed the course of Puerto Vallarta forever and why so many people visit this area every year. As a matter of fact, a writer from California that moved to Puerto Vallarta over 10 years ago and visited many years before that, became obsessed with the movie and wrote a non-fiction book about the making of The Night Of The Iguana called  “A Stolen Paradise” Click the link to pick up a copy of the book.

The second one which was called “Muelle de La Solidaridad Vallartense” was finished on December 7th, 1990. This  project was carried out by the local residents and financed in part by local businessmen, government officials. At the end, the main financing came from the owner of Hotel Marol “Don Juan Peña Dávalos”. This latest pier was financed by the Federal and State Government.

water-taxi-puerto-vallartaThe pier is the pick up and drop off for the water taxis and local fisherman. The water taxis can also be a pick up point for guests looking to visit the southern beaches and coves, such as Las Ánimas, Quimixto, Mismaloya, Boca de Tomatlan and Yelapa Bay. Also, many of the boats moored around the pier are for rent and usually you can find the owner somewhere close by who will be happy to take you for a private tour of the bay or fishing trip.

At sunrise you will find many local fisherman and many people just enjoying the view. Please respect the pier and do not throw trash into the ocean. Take a moment and sit on the end of the pier and look at all the beauty around you and feel the energy of this beautiful city, "Puerto Vallarta".