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Hot springs in the town of Desembocada

hot Springs in desembocada 2During a visit to La Cruz while staying at a beautiful vacation property from Vacation Properties La Cruz, we decided to take an adventure to the hot springs in the town of Desembocada, in Jalisco. We found out about the springs by some friends who said it was amazing. It was quite a journey but worth it. First, we took the ATM bus to Puerto Vallarta near the Home Depot, then we took the Ixtapa bus toward Desembocada which was about 15-20 minutes.  It is a cute little town in the mountains. Once we arrived in the town, we jumped off the bus just past the river. From there we walked along the road and river until it dead ended right into the river. We crossed the river about 4 times and hiked about 20 minutes until we found paradise just across the wide spot of the river. There were 3 large pools with people sitting in the springs, so we crossed the river one more time and got into these amazing natural hot springs. The water was extremely hot on the top pool (probably 105 degrees or more) but awesome. One of our favorite things to do was jump in the really cold water then back into the tub. It really is a shocker but in a good way.

We brought some beer and wine along with us as well as a picnic lunch. It was nice to have that with us so we could just relax around the tubs and river. Wehot Springs in desembocada 3 had the opportunity to meet an 82-year-old Mexican man that has been coming to these hot springs for 30 years. He believes that the hot springs had a big impact on his health and said every time he left the springs he felt revitalized. We also felt great after going in the springs. Later in the afternoon, while we were there, we saw a small herd of miniature ponies, many butterflies, plenty of birds and other wildlife. We ended up staying about 4 hours and left about 4:30 pm on the hike back to the main road. The hike back was more difficult because it looked like it may have been raining in the mountains so the river was slightly higher. But it was still not overly difficult and quite fun. This whole area is beautiful. I also heard that there are other more commercialized hot springs, but I recommend the real deal where the locals go. There are no fees for these springs except for your own energy to get you there. Overall it was a wonderful day. Of course, it was very nice to get back to our beautiful villa overlooking the bay and have a drink while the sun was going down. We saw a magical sunset. A perfect way to end any day!