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Chica Locca, a must do while staying at one of Vacation Properties La Cruz’s properties.


     When staying with us in one of our fabulous properties in La Cruz, there are things that you must do during your stay. First, and I think the best is Chica Locca tours, this is a 60-foot trimaran that is probably one of the most comfortable tour boats that I have ever been on. The trip I took was to Yelapa, a small fishing village about 75 KM to the south of Puerto Vallarta. From the moment you raft2get on this incredible boat you are treated like royalty. I have never had service like this in my life anywhere. They served us piña coladas upon boarding because we were ready to play. Of course, they have everything available. With our beverages in hand, we found a nice spot on one of the fluffy cushions they had for everyone and then served us breakfast of delicious fruits and pastries. The boat had about 50 guests on it but you would have not known it because of the amount of room there is and everyone had their spot on the boat. This boat has 4 bathrooms, 2 outdoor fresh water showers and all kinds of water toys. On the way to Yelapa the crew allowed guests to get on the water tube while we were cruising, it looked like a lot of fun although I did not do it this time.

   17202661_1404735706245071_4047676539475970111_n  About an hour and half into the trip we arrived in an area with beautiful rocks and everyone had a chance to snorkel, kayak, go on the stand-up paddle boards (SUPs) and the water slides. This was a fun hour. From there they continued to a small fishing village of Yelapa, when coming into this exquisite bay, it was picturesque. They tied to one of the large buoys in the bay and served a gourmet lunch consisting of chicken breast on fresh rolls with pasta salad. From there, we were asked if we wanted to take a short hike through the village to see the waterfalls and of course we did.  It was an incredible hike through this tiny small town of extremely friendly residents. As we walked through the town with a population of about 1500 full time residents, we saw many small shops, stores and some local restaurants. There are many hotels and guest houses that we passed on our walk to the falls. The waterfalls were absolutely beautiful. There was a small tiki hut with a local person selling drinks and snacks. I tried a shot of the local moonshine called raicilla, which is also made from the agave. However, it is much different than tequila, so be careful with this stuff as there were some people that purchased a bottle and continued to drink shots and they could not walk to the dock.

After the waterfalls, we went down to the beach and then back on the boat enjoying all the amenities that Chica Locca offers. I really enjoyed theWaterfalls water slides because it brought out the inner kid in me, you are never too old to enjoy water slides. We also attempted the SUP with very little success, they are not as easy as they look, you really need extreme balance which I do not have. Another thing that was cool was the big cushions that you are lying on also can be thrown into the water and 2 people can float on one of those cushions, awesomeness.

     At about 2:30 in the afternoon, we started our journey back to La Cruz marina. I noticed the guys throw fishing lines out right away and within 15 or 20 minutes they had a fish on. One of the guests reeled it in and there was a nice skipjack on the line. In a few more minutes another fish was caught and the crew then made fresh ceviche, probably the best I’ve ever had.

     On the cruise back, they played music and we danced, we drank and looked back at the wonderful day we had. As we arrived close to the marina, the on-board photographer asked us if we wanted to purchase the photos that he had been taking all day. We did buy them and they were wonderful memories of an exceptional day. The Chica Locca is very close to all Vacation Properties La Cruz’s rentals so it will probably be a short walk to the marina. Chica Locca is docked on Slip M1 in the La Cruz marina just across from the beach and next to the marina office and clubhouse. You can book a tour with Chica Locca at www.chicaloccatours.com. Have fun and tell them that we sent you!


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