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3 Memorable things to do on your visit to Mexico

Thinking of where you can spend your vacation memorably? If you are already considering making it a date in Mexico, you may also want to think of what memorable activity you would want to be engaged in while in Mexico so you would get the best of your holiday in Mexico.

The Banderas Bay area in Mexico is a beautiful tourist friendly area with amazing people, gorgeous beaches, the Marieta Islands, Los Arcos Marine Park and incredible sunsets. These are just a few of the reasons that the area has been flooded with tourists trying to get their slice of paradise.

There are so many activities but there are some must dos when visiting such as; Deep Sea Fishing, Whale Watching in Banderas Bay and the walking Art Tour of the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta deep sea fishingDeep Sea Fishing in Banderas Bay

Banderas is not only known by tourists and expats as a place of beaches but also a place for deep sea fishing tours. PV and its surroundings are a destination for game-fishing. Sport fishermen often find this place a very interesting and most fascinating place for vacation.

There is an amazing amount of fish that has been pulled out of this sea overtime by sports-fishermen. The trophy sized Sailfish and Mahi Mahi were pulled out of this Sea in Banderas Bay including the giant marlin which weighed over 500 pounds. The ocean waters if Banderas Bay are teeming with Billfish, Jack, Snapper etc. but to fish in this sea, it requires a fishing license. As a tourist, you may not need this license. Instead, you can book with major licensed fishing charter and custom tour agents around.

Once you have successfully found a licensed fishing charter you can start the fishing fun. In planning to enjoy the deep-sea fishing game, you should note the following, try to make to reservation early even before your arrival in Mexico. This ensures your date. Also, be careful who you book and only use a credit card when booking. Upon returning from your day and your catch, they will clean it and many restaurants will even cook your fresh catch at a minimal price

Whale Watching in Banderas Bay

Almost everything in PV is amazing. Apart from the deep-sea fishing fun in Banderas Bay and PV, an activity like Whale Watching is also fun that would make a great memory.

The whale watching activity in Banderas Bay, is so popular that its conducted in seasons. Mostly it is being scheduled in November of every year. The marine mammal changes dynamically. Heightened levels of whale activity grow and wane every few days.

Whale activity changes, of every 2 to 3 days in a row, activity of Whales get intense which will be followed by a much more relaxed Whale activity. Mostly the Whale arrival is more intense than the departure days. The departure days are usually characterized by small groups of male Humpback Whales looking for female whales that are receptive to mating.

There are many Whale encounter hotspots. So, on your visit, you should endeavor to locate major tour agents for proper guidance on how to find a private boat whale watching tour and other information regarding enjoying your stay in Banderas Bay.

Whale Watching in Banderas Bay

the-malecon-puerto-vallartaThe Malecon

The is one of the favorite tourist attractions in Puerto Vallarta, the Malecon stretches for just under 2 miles and is a beautiful walk. The mornings are especially beautiful with the birds and all the people exercising and walking their dogs.  You may have had a chance to visit the beaches of Banderas bay and watched the whales of Banderas Bay but the Malecon is one of the major attractions that you do not want to miss with its lineup of engaging activities and entertainment.

The name Malecon means, “esplanade along a waterfront.” While taking a walk along the Malecon waterfront you will experience the Mexican culture firsthand with the many sculptures from Mexico’s finest artists as well as the many crafts hand made in many of the small towns in the mountains close to Vallarta. Walking from one end to the other will bring you to Los Muertos Pier, a new edition a few years back and that has really increased the popularity among the tourists and locals alike. There are many great restaurants and bars along the way not to mention plenty of shopping. The Malecon is a great place to walk, relax and enjoy the local’s way of life.

It’s no doubt that Mexico is the place for your next vacation!




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